Hiking/Geocaching With The Kids

Took the kids for a hike this morning and to try some geocaching after spending $10 on an app for the iPhone. We found the first one quickly, but the second geocache was a challenge. Here we are standing on top of the hidden treasure and we can’t even find it.

Turns out it was well camoflauged and the container looked just like a log on the forest floor. But after 30 minutes, we make the discovery. We must have walked by it 20 times this morning.

Just some party beads in this one, but the kids (and adults) were proud when we finally found the geocache. It had a difficulty rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

The event was a hit with the kids. I’m sure there will be more geocaching in the future. We even brought one to leave behind but couldn’t figure out how to load the data in to the app. Guess we’ll try again next time.

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