Feelin’ Hungry?? Aaron Owens Mayhew shares some inexpensive, tasty, and lightweight meals for the Trail. The “Backcountry Eats” podcast is here… https://ift.tt/3dJpcVM

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Going through my pics from last weekend. Had this rash around the campfire. What the ????

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Went to #DonCarterStatePark last weekend with my family. Georgia’s newest park and a great place. Lots of hiking trails. View from the beach to Lake Lanier…

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Happy Earth Day! Sunset from Sassafras Mountain in North Georgia.

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BirdShooter in front on Harrison’s Pierce Pond Camps – Sept 2019. In Episode 75, Tim Harrison tells us his experience with #hikers over the years, shares some happy and sad moments at Pierce Pond, and offers some suggestions for those #backpacking the #AppalachianTrail in Maine. Get it here .. https://ift.tt/2ydOE6l

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The “Pandemic Podcast” is live! Recorded via Zoom (per social distancing guidelines), we discuss the impact to #hiking in city, state, and national parks in our area, some worthy Netflix shows, and our #backpacking plans for the post-pandemic era. Episode 74 is here … https://ift.tt/3dQkrdU

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How to beat the Coronavirus – hit the Trail! The #Appalachain Trail near Helen, GA.

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Sunset from a #firetower on the AppalachianTrail in North Carolina last weekend

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Commutes are better with the #N2Backpacking podcast

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A wild boar and two piglets ran through this field on the #BentonMacKayeTrail as we watched the sun go down. The mother hog was as big as a bear! Wished I would have gotten a photo of her.

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